Capo and tuner combo___________________________

All with Free Shipping: Cick image for details and specs...
  • Cast Aluminum
  • Padded to protect your guitar
  • In stock and ships from U.S.
  • One Hand Operation.
Kit consists of Electronic Guitar tuner and Aluminum Guitar capo
 This is a fantastic kit for an incredible price that includes free shipping! In stock! Ships from the U.S.

In stock. Ships from the U.S.

$23.95  & Free U.S. Shipping 


This Sg was built from parts we sell on this site.

  • Washburn Neck

  • Epiphone Body

  • Schecter Wiring harness

  • Grover Tuners

  • Gibson SG Bridge

  • Schecter Knobs

Built from scratch for slightly over a hundred bucks!

Check out the project build here. Mark the page and watch for the next build. Geo.



The AdjustOvation project finished!


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