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Aluminum Capo

Material:Aluminium alloy
Colour: Silver/Gold/White or black
Weight: 61g

Ships From U.S.
Electronic Guitar Tuner:

Specifications: Color: Black Screen: LCD display Power: 3V (CR2032 lithium battery) (included) Tuning type: Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele. Tuning range: A0--C8 A4 calibration: 430Hz - 450hz Tolerance: ±1 cents 


Fender Villager 1968 Acoustic Guitar Body 
I can not find anywhere on this body that says it is a 1968 model, but everything I googled on this model seems to bear that out. You can clearly see VILLAGER stamped in the neck pocket in the photos. There are dozens of cracks in the laquer on the back and front of this guitar, but they are cracks in the laquer only. There are two holes punched through the top/soundboard, check the photos. I will consider offers but I wont fall far below the listed price. Google the model, check the quotes. If you have questions, would like specific photos of specific areas, let me know.




Ovation Empty Guitar Body and Neck
(These are pictures of the actual guitar you will receive)
This Body is routed for a standard acoustic pick up unit. The side is cut for Ovation electronics.
  • Solid Wood top
  • Shallow style body
  • Routed for standard acoustic under saddle pickup
  • Cutouts for Ovation Electronics
  • Solid Maple neck
  • Has no electronics or hardware


Unfinished Rear Routed Guitar body
(These are pictures of the actual guitar you will receive)
This Body is routed for a standard Floyd Rose style Tremolo unit.
  • Solid Wood
  • Thick style body
  • Routed to accept standard Floyd Rose style bridge
  • Routed for hum/sing/hum
  • Standard neck pocket
  • 25.5 scale
  • Accepts standard 25.5 neck



Chrome Strat style Bridge:

Comes with: 
  •  Bridge: Complete with saddles 
  •  Claw complete with springs 
  •  Tremolo bar
  •  Mounting Screws
  •  Free Shipping
 OTHER:  Packaged in sealed plastic bag as supplied. In Stock: Ships from U.S.



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